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Our Background

After completing his Masters in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury and being awarded a CPEng in Fire Engineering, Mark Gannon proudly established "Gannon Fire and Risk" in 2019. Mark has 16 years experience in fire engineering consulting, teaching, research, passive and active fire product testing and passive fire product development.
Mark's extensive experience within the industry both nationally and internationally has set him and his team apart, firmly establishing themselves as industry leaders. 
Mark's practical experience as a Fire Test Engineer combined with his high level of education and expertise means any client's investment is in expert and qualified hands. 
A huge focus for Gannon Fire and Risk is based around the art of listening to the client's needs and tailoring the services we provide. The result is expert advice that the client needs to achieve, functional, compliant, innovative and aesthetically pleasing design that solves the problem and keeps people safe. This Client focussed and solutions based model of Engineering is the cornerstone of why Mark established Gannon Fire and Risk and will always be the driving force behind what he does.


Our Accreditations

Engineering New Zealand

Chartered membership status of Engineering New Zealand (ENZ) ensures all work is undertaken with oversight by a chartered fire engineer and in accordance with the ENZ code of ethical conduct to the highest standard.

Mark Gannon has a specialist accreditation called CPEng. This means he is a Charted Fire Engineer and has been assessed and deemed an expert in his field and able to sign off on reports and key documents without having his reports sent to another senior engineer to review and countersign. He is also able to countersign other engineers work. This benefits the client as it speeds up the work flow and the client's project considerably and gives a great deal of assurance that your investment is in expert hands.

Utilising the guidance of the Association of Consulting and Engineering (ACENZ) supports our commitment to improving business performance and quality of service. 


Association of Specialist Fire Protection
International Member

International member status of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) ensures all passive fire protection work is undertaken with oversight by a chartered fire engineer in accordance with the best international standards in the industry.

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