Passive Fire Service

Specification, installation and inspection

Over the past 16 years, Gannon Fire and Risk have identified the need for greater efficiency and consistent oversight within the fire engineering sector.
We have developed an approach that brings together our combined expertise in managing the fire safety compliance within a project, and our desire to streamline the process. The benefits of which include early identification of cost savings and efficiencies for your project.
One component of this approach is our passive fire service, which incorporates specification, installation and inspection elements and compliments our existing fire engineering capabilities. We’d like to share details of this with you below by providing an overview of how it works, and the value it can provide.

What is Passive Fire?

Passive fire protection systems rarely incorporate moving parts e.g doorsets, walls, pipe collars, transit boxes and sealants. These systems are usually the first line of defence against a fire because they work to contain the fire. Passive fire protection systems are also the last line of defence, because they continue to operate in the event that the active fire protection system is depleted, impaired or overcome.

What is Active Fire?

Active fire protection systems are those in which a component(s) must activate in order for the system to perform its intended purpose e.g a sprinkler system which comprises a water supply, pipes and sprinkler heads in the pipe. The sprinkler heads comprise a small bulb which, when heated to a certain temperature, breaks and allows the water in the pipe to flow at a designed flow rate and pressure.

Current scenario…

The above diagram illustrates the complexity of the current scenario. The inherent challenges of this include isolation of the different disciplines that are responsible for achieving fire compliance. This can result in missed value engineering opportunities and inefficient design coordination, leading to a reduced level of time/cost management.


Our solution…

Our approach provides oversight and services across all fire engineering disciplines including:

  • fire engineering design and construction monitoring
  • passive fire specification, installation and inspection
  • active fire specification, installation and inspection

This approach has proven to promote better communication between the disciplines, and a cost effective, compliant design. Engaging Gannon Fire and Risk provides a simplified fire compliance pathway for your project.

How it works…

Value engineering in our approach…

  • De-risking your project – mitigating costly rectification work by providing multiple compliant options for your project at consent stage.

  • Project efficiency – early identification of the most cost effective compliance pathway for passive fire.

  • Independent service – our relationship with leading manufacturers of passive fire systems enables us to provide a range of solutions best suited to your project.

We’d love to hear from you…

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